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My Italian nana pickled, my mum pickles, I pickle. My Italian nana preserved everything from pickling green tomatoes to grapes.  My mum makes the spiciest, crunchiest, pickled onions.  I started with an Italian ‘giardiniera’ recipe for my family and friends and realised there was a whole pickling world out there and that, in short, I love making pickles.


After having read an article about a "pickle guy" and an artisan pickle movement in the States, I decided why not turn my passion for pickling into a business. I visited the States and spoke to artisanal picklers in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Taking inspiration from New York, Chicago and Italy, I’ve created a range of pickles with a kick, a personality, to appeal to a new generation of pickle lovers.  


I use as much local produce as possible when in season and every jar is packed by me with passion. I have spent over 12 months perfecting recipes and produced an unusual array of varieties and flavour profiles the UK hasn’t seen before.


Plucky Pickles - Jump-start your Senses with a New Generation of Pickles


Pickles that tickle your palate.

Hand crafted, artisanal pickles.

Fresh ingredients. Small batches. Fab flavours.


1 Nana Ilide Albertina

2 Mum Maria

3 Me, Jules, outside the Pickle Guys in the Lower East Side (excellent pickled pineapple!)